Amarjit Basi

Steven Dunn

Daniella Glynn

Phil Mason

Tarn Lamb

Elaine Williams

Members Remit

Members are akin to the shareholders of a company. They establish the Trust and set out the constitution, through signing its Memorandum and Articles of Association. They have ultimate control over the Trust, with the right to amend the Trust’s Articles of Association. They can appoint and remove Directors and Governors. The receive reports on the finances and the strategy of the Trust from Directors.



Daniella Glynn

Phil Mason

Tanya Ovenden-Hope

Anthony Phillips

Derek Rushton

Gordon Seabright

Mark Smith

Dave Hobbs

Jennie Walker

Directors Remit

Directors are responsible for setting the direction of the Trust, holding the Executive Principal to account and ensuring financial probity. Multi Academy Trusts are charitable companies and the Directors (trustees) are company directors and must comply with company law requirements: As charity trustees, they must also ensure that they are complying with Charity Law requirements.  Directors are accountable for any functions delegated to Local Advisory Boards.

Directors set the strategic direction for the Trust and are accountable to the Secretary of State for the performance of the academies within it. They enter into a Master Funding Agreement and Supplementary Funding Agreement with the DfE.  They determine structure of the Trust and its functions and are accountable for the performance of academies within the Trust.



Finance/Audit Committee

Leadership Team Committee

Committees Remit

To undertake the business and running of the Trust and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.



Beacon ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors: Derek Rushton

Charlestown Primary School   -   Chair of Governors: Tasha Davis

St Agnes ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors: John Shears

St Columb Major ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors: Sally Attwell

St Columb Minor ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors:  Carol Wint

St Kew ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors:  Paula Stockton

Upton Cross ACE Academy   -   Chair of Governors:  Peter Woodward

Local Advisory Boards Remit

Individuals who sit on Local Advisory Boards (LABs) are referred to as ‘Governors’.  Directors delegate governance functions to the LABs.  Directors have complete discretion over what is delegated to each LAB.  LABs support the work of the Board of Directors through taking decisions/making recommendations.